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Personal training redefined

Progress with community

You realize you're not the only one. There are hundreds who want to help you, and eventually you can help them.

And when the AI kicks in, those state of the art workout program templates become your workout programs.

You can't avoid getting to the next level.

Become a coach

You keep leveling up. You earn respect with your skills, knowledge and greek god-like figure. People start asking how you got there.

You say:

"I'll reveal it on Next Level App."

Undisrupted coaching market

Scheduling by AI

Personal trainer


Expertize transformed into workout program template personalized to client by AI


Instant access to a scalable business model and a growing marketing platform



Smart passive income opportunity for personal trainers and peer support to the community


Health, fitness and good karma in meritocratic workout community

Support by community


Pre-seed achievements: 15k downloads from over 100 countries

Scandinavian startup

Company established in 2015

Three founders

MVP on App Store and Google Play

30 workout program templates

15 k downloads

10 personal trainers

100 countries covered

4.5 stars rating on Google Play

Market position

Next Level App transforms progressive workout programs into an elegant user experience.

Google Play rating: 4.5

Demand proven by public reviews on Google Play

A wonderful app! Much better than the books of legendary Paul Wade.

Aleksandr Rodin
(Mar 5, 2017)

I love it, thank you! App is very suitable for adults and children.

Anton Rodzhabov
(Jan 18, 2017)

The app is excellent! Please consider adding capoeira, MMA and parkour content.

David Alonso
(Jan 19, 2017)

Current top 3 coaches

Combined social media follower count over 300 000 people

Oona Kivelä

Pole Dance

Oona is four-time world champion in pole dance. Oona runs her own furniture company and travels around the world promoting sport tech companies.

Ilari Hakala


Ilari is known by masses as Ilaripro. Ilaripro is a famous Youtube personality who publishes soccer trick tutorials, product tests and soccer-related challenges.

Vellu Saarela


World’s best tricker Vellu is Finnish legend in the world of tricking and extreme martial arts. He is the founder of acrobatics coaching service Vellusta.

Tom Himanen, CEO

Tom is the CEO of Next Level. His superpower is the ability to communicate fluently both with humans and machines.

He has already conquered the space with three fungi-growing robots developed by his team. Sending pretty similar robots to the International Space Station year after another became boring so he decided to conquer the Earth.

Technical proficiency
PR & media

Aaro Helander, CMO

Aaro is the brand manager of Next Level. His main duty is to be a connector between Next Level and its partners.

He is the Finnish Heavyweight Street Workout Champion and a professional coach. Aaro is the guy who knows people who know people. He is a rare combination of enormous physical strength and extraordinary cognitive abilities. Also Aaro can do programming – but he won’t confess.

Business and social relations
Brand and vision management

Perttu Iso-Metsälä, CTO

Perttu is the lead programmer of the team. His technical prowess has allowed the app to reach it’s current state.

He prefers backend on frontend but has taken a bullet for the team which hasn't yet invested to a dedicated frontend developer. Now it is time to hire frontend developer and let Perttu concentrate on what he is passionate about.

Mobile technologies

Financial roadmap

check_box FFF

$ 35,000

  • MVP developed
  • Product validated
  • User and market researched
  • High level content partners acquired
  • Payment features implemented

check_box_outline_blank Seed

$ 250,000

  • Get to top 10 of most influential workout platforms
  • 30+ k$ monthly revenue from fitness enthusiasts fulfilling their dreams
  • 5+ k$ monthly revenue from afiliate deals with health and nutrition brands
  • 200+ k users and 20 top level content producing partners.
  • Popularity over GymnasticBodies, Freeletics and Madbarz

check_box_outline_blankA round


  • 30+ million annual revenue from fitness enthusiasts fulfilling their dreams
  • The most popular workout platform and a new standard for everything related to fitness
  • 1+ million annual revenue from affiliate deals
  • Next Level Olympics
  • Top content partners having Next Level as their main monetization channel